Thursday, 3 December 2015

Writers' Guild

Recently I was asked to write a small article for the Writers' Guild about myself and why I am a member of the Guild - so here it is:

Writers’ Guild Interview
Dean M Drinkel / Why I'm a member.

I have always been a writer.

A horror writer and bloody proud of it.

Right back from during my university days – well, when I say right back, I’m not that old but hopefully you get the point.

I happily  admit also: I existed on the fringe. Banging out short stories for internet sites, cheap photocopied magazines, friends in the pub.

Anyone that would have me really– I’d whore myself out and why not?

I’m a writer and I want people to read my words. Otherwise what is the bleedin’ point?

In 2010 I was asked to contribute a short story to an anthology (“M is For Monster”) and from there I have gone from strength to strength with 2016 already lined up to be an extremely busy year – who knows, I might even go mainstream (see, I told you I was a whore, if the money is good, I’m yours).

For the last couple of years, I’ve also been a member of the Writers’ Guild. This year I even went to the AGM – at one point I almost put my hand up to volunteer for something – I said almost –maybe next year I might actually do that – I fancy a position on a committee.

It might be a cliché but writing is quite solitary. One time, an office of mine didn’t even have a window, I’d stare at the blank wall, the blank piece of paper, the blank wall, the paper…so I started writing – the problem was it was on the wall, not the paper.

In a big thick black crayon.

“It’s fine. She’s in the cellar.”

Was what I wrote.
Reading my words the next day the landlord asked me to leave forthwith – though not before demanding to know how I had accessed his cellar when he was the only one with a key. I refused to shake his sweaty hand – I wonder what was wrong with him? That dried blood caked under his nails…the black rings under his eyes…that god-awful stench he blamed on the pipes…

…anyway, I joined the Guild because I wanted to meet other people like me. Another cliché perhaps but it’s like a family – we may not always get on, though we love and support each other. We may compete against one another, but life isn’t a competition, it’s a journey and the Guild and my fellow members are all on that journey together.

If you fancy joining us…you know where we are…

Dean M Drinkel is a published poet, short story writer, compiler and editor of horror anthologies.
He is also an award winning script writer as well as director of short films. He has several theatre
(as writer / director) credits to his name as well. He fulfilled two life-long dreams when he was
interviewed for FANGORIA magazine (issue 331) and FEAR (issue 35). He is about to move to
France as he will be working on an historical feature film with the young French writer, Romain
And if you're interested - a shorter version of the above can be found at:

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