Monday, 30 January 2012

Guest Blog

Please check out the brilliant blog by Suzanne Robb - where I wax lyrical / go on about things that have inspired me and some background information on my collection "Through A Forest Dark".

Check it out!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Monk Punk / Dream People Issue 36

....has excerpts and a write up on "Monk Punk" edited by AJ French and has one of my more explicit and bizarre monk based stories :>)

check it out!!!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Friday, 13 January 2012

Cities of Death / Jonathan Green

Wow - this is what I like - a writer who seriously cares about the stories he creates.

Jonathan contributed an excellent story for Phobophobia and he's done it again for my upcoming antho  "Cities of Death". 

His story is called " U is for Ur Or City of the Moon" is very creepy.  It is obvious that Jonathan has done a lot of research into this and you can tell he has spent his time getting it right.

Brilliant and can't wait for you guys to read it!!!!  I'll post more about this brilliant antho as the weeks progress.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Phobophobia - Review

Ha - what a brilliant review just landed on Amazon - 5 stars!!!
Check it out

Ginger Nuts Of Horror / Jim Mcleod

Check out my recent interview by the excellent Jim Mcleod - where I wax lyrical about Cliver Barker and French Horror.....enjoy!!!!

It was a pleasure to do the interview with Jim and he's made a real good job with it and as he's publicised my poetry - I wish him all the best :>)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Dark Continents Launch

Nice - see attached link from Dark Continents listing all the amazing books released under the "Darkness and Dismay" series as well as PHOBOPHOBIA and Scott Nicholson's MONSTER INK!


Critters Award - Phobophobia

Unbelievable - we've only just been nominated and already we're number 8 in the charts.
If you see this and you've got five mins - perhaps you'd like to kindly vote for us.
Voting closes Tuesday 10th Jan.
Phobophobia deserves it

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dave Jeffery

Check out the website by a good buddy of mine and fellow writer.

As well as contributing a kick-ass story to Phobophobia, Dave is a brilliant writer.  His books sell by the bucketloads.

Last week Dark Continents also launched his latest novella in his "Beatrice Beecham Mystery" series as part of "Tales of Darkness and Dismay".

A writer well worth checking out.


Verulam Writers' Group

Message from a great writer and friend of mine, Sandra Norval about the Verulam Writers' Group she is involved with.

"Are you a writer based in or around St Albans? Are you seeking a little inspiration? Or maybe some high quality critique to help bring your work up to scratch? Or workshops to hone your writing skills? Do you want to be among people who understand what is to to be a writer? Then Verulam Writers' Circle is for you. Come and join us."

If you're in the area - check it out and get involved!!!

Through A Forest Dark / Tales Of Darkness & Dismay

...and we get a nice little mention at this brilliant site too :>)


Emma Audsley

If you get five - please check out Emma's great Blog - she's also done a nice a little write up on the Dark & Dismay series (including my Through A Forest Dark).  A great writer - well worth a little of your time!!! dx


Later this year I will be having an anthology published through Dark Continents - the subject matter is the Titanic....below is a hint of the amazing cover produced by James Powell.

The collection is currently being edited / completed and contains stories by:

Robert Walker
Greg Yeates
Dean M Drinkel
Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet
Sylvia Shults

With a non-fiction piece by David Youngquist.

Look out for it

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Phobophobia - Award Nomination

Great news - just heard that Phobophobia is up for an Editor's award - it's a public vote - here's the link -please vote for us!!!! dx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hi - hope this works, please find a link to the recording of the recent very successful book signing of Phobophobia at Forbidden Planet in London, England.

Attendees included Greag Yeates, Barbie Wilde, Jon Green, Wayne Goodchild, SL Schmitz and Adrian Chamberlin.

We were lucky that so many people came to buy books including Doug Bradley and Nick Vince from the Hellraiser film series.

Film made by Kenny Wilson
Interviewer Ben Ward


Greg Yeates

Wow - if you like your horror dark and clever then please check out Greg Yeates' site - you won't be disappointed by his work.

Greg has contributed to a number of anthologies I have edited / compiled and I have always been impressed by his stories.

He is currently working on his "Vetala Cycle" - more of which can be found at his site:


Sean Sweeney

Please check out Sean Sweeney's excellent website / blog.

Sean is a great writer from the States and is having a great deal of success.  He contributed a brilliant story to my recent anthology Phobophobia.

More on Sean as my blog grows :>)

Spectral Press

Please check out the very excellent "Spectral Press" publishing website.

Spectral Press is a small independent imprint publisher, issuing very limited edition signed and numbered single story chapbooks in a high-quality presentation on a quarterly basis, and concentrating on the ghostly/supernatural end of the literary spectrum.

Is is run by Simon Marshall-Jones (such a cool guy!) and has published work by Simon Kurt Unsworth, Mark West, Simon Bestwick amongst many others and all of high quality penmanship.

They are well worth investing your money in!!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Book of Night

Later this year, Perseid Publishing will be publishing a dark horror poetry collection entitled "Book of Night" of which I have contributed 8 new poems.  Nice.

Will update as I receive further information.


Monday, 2 January 2012

Tales Of Darkness And Dismay

Press Release:

Dark Continents Publishing announces the launch of the "Tales of Darkness and Dismay" E-book series

Presenting Dark Continent's highly anticipated collection of novellas and short story compilations written by twelve up-and-coming authors. It is available January 2, 2012 for immediate download via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

PRLog (Press Release) - Jan 02, 2012 -
Dark Continents Publishing announces the January 2, 2012 release of their new E-book series titled “Tales of Darkness and Dismay”. This highly anticipated collection of novellas and short story compilations by twelve up-and-coming authors is available for immediate download via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. proudly announces the following author and title line-up for the “Tales of Darkness and Dismay” series:

“Blood and Fire”, a paranormal/vampire thriller by Carrie Clevenger and Nerine Dorman

“A Gentle Hell”, a collection of achingly surreal supernatural stories by Autumn Christian

“Through a Dark Forest”, a gathering of short stories inspired by the layers of hell from within Dante's Inferno by Dean M. Drinkel

“Beatrice Beecham’s Houseful of Horrors” a young adult favorite; this is the third book in the Beatrice Beecham series by Dave Jeffery

“Along the Splintered Path,” a collection of disturbing stories that explore the dark side of life in the remote countryside by A.J. Brown

“Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My!” is the satirical yet satisfyingly horrific group of stories that detail the end of the world, told by the master of dark humor Suzanne Robb.

“Critique” a true horror novella detailing the downfall of a food critic star as he is driven mad by an appetite he can no longer control, written by Daniel I. Russell

“April Fool and other Antipodean horror stories” What is the definition of antipodean, you ask? Any two places or regions that are on diametrically opposite sides of the earth – the perfect definition to match the two seasoned horror authors of Tracie McBride (from Australia) and John Irvine (from New Zealand).

For more information, visit
Follow Dark Continents Publishing on twitter @dark_continents
"Like" Dark Continents Publishing on Facebook

# # #

Dark Continents Publishing is an author-owned, author-driven corporation working to entrepreneur today's publishing opportunities and model tomorrow's writing businesses

--- end ---

The Empire Of Death

Just as a reminder - my recent poetry collection (very dark!) is still available on kindle - you won't be disappointed.

James Powell - Artist

If you've seen the excellent cover to my antho "Phobophobia" then you will be pleased to hear that he has created something special for my upcoming Titanic Antho (more of later in January).

Here's some info on James:

Artist/Illustrator James R. Powell is a native of Mississippi, where he quietly resides, surrounded by the dark woods that provide inspiration for much of his work. He has numerous cats, and a vast accumilation of books and other very weird objects. He has many wonderful and intriguing friends, both real and imaginary.
In 1999 he was employed by Peavey Electronics, painting guitars for musicians such as Eddie Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, John Entwistle, and Alex Lifeson.
He's worked in film and advertising, and has created art for a variety of authors, including Neil Gaiman, Brian Hodge, and Scott Nicholson, and has a forthcoming project in the works with Michael Moorcock.

And his website is:

Check him out

Morpheus Tales

Wow - doesnt time fly?
This time last year, my story "The Red Mercury" appeared in the brilliant Issue 11 of Morpheus Tales.
Check it out.

Estronomicon / Screaming Dreams

Back in mid-2009, I was very lucky to have a short story published in the "Dark Desires" issue of Estronomicon (via Screaming Dreams).  Steve Upham does an amazing job.

Check it out.


Theaker's Quarterly

I was lucky to have my short story "El Aullido del Diablo" back in 2010 in the excellent TQ (issue 33) - check it out.

It's a great periodical and hope to have some more work published by them in the future.

Through A Forest Dark published today - hurray!!!

A nice little write up also:

"A gathering of short stories inspired by the layers of hell from within Dante's Inferno. Bradley - a man consumed by by the beautiful and mysterious Emmanuelle. Several murders in Paris. A husband who believes his wife's ghost still haunts the home they shared. Will this collection of tragic lovers be able to maintain their humanity in a world awash in chaos and blood? Or is their fate already decided within the pages of an ancient book reputed to be written on human skin?"

Available for download now and not even £2!!!!  Cheap at half the price.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year
I'm pleased to announce that ten of my new poems will be appearing in Static Movement's "Static Poetry V".
More details can be found at the attached link and now available to buy.