Saturday, 9 June 2012


Barring any unforeseen circumstances (God, I hope not) - here is the final TOC for CITIES OF DEATH - coming very soon from Static Movement:

A         Is For  Adelaide                                                        Steven Gepp
B         Is For  Baltimore                                                       Ron Koppelberger
C         Is For   Calais                                                            Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet
D         Is For Darktowne                                                      Ran Cartwright
E         Is For  Erum                                                              Robert Tangiers
F          Is For  Fortune                                                          Paul Woodward
G         Is For  Gotham                                                          John X. Grey
H         Is For  Harbin                                                            G.R. Yeates
I           Is For Intrepid City                                                   George Wilhite
J          Is For  Johannesburg                                                 Suzanne van Rooyen
K         Is For  Kathmandu                                                    Dave Fragments
L         Is For Lobo                                                                Sandra Norval
M        Is For  Miami                                                             Rachel Chipp
N         Is For Necropolis                                                       Richard Salter
O         Is For  Ottawa                                                            Carrie Orr
P          Is For   Paris                                                               Dean M Drinkel
Q         Is For  Quito                                                               Sean Monaghan
R         Is For  Ripon                                                               Philip Meeks
S          Is For  Stoke-On-Trent                                               Jan Edwards
T         Is For  The Greatest City In America                          S. Wayne Roberts
U         Is For  Ur                                                                     Jonathan Green
V         Is For  Venice                                                              Edward McKeown
W        Is For  Waddington                                                     Jason Brawn
X         Is For  Xanadu                                                            Steven Gepp
Y         Is For  York                                                                 R.S. Pyne
Z          Is For  Zebulan                                                            Justin Miles

It was great fun putting this antho together and I'm sure you will enoy it - more details to follow!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

New Crumps Story

For those that know me and my work, particularly in the theatre - one of my creations that I'm very proud of is The Crumps - these are a fictional family (LOL) whom are serial killers / cannibals / idiots - they consist of  (in the main) Harold Crump, Lindsay Crump and Baz.  As this blog continues I will post more about the theatrical productions we have staged but great news - a new and original Crump story called "Same Kind Of Bad As Me" (thank you Mr Waits) will be appearing in the amazing and outrageous anthology : Unnatural Tales Of The Jackalope.  This will be published late June / early July by Western Legends Publishing and it is an honour to be involved - one because it is such a crazy antho but also because it was great great fun writing this story - I didn't stop laughing from start to finish and I hope that comes through for readers who aren't au fait with the set up / characters - anyway, here is a final TOC - once I have full details about the book, I'll let you know and by god, you've got to see the cover LOL!!!!

The Lonliest Jackalope – Jeff Strand
Running With Jackalopes – Sèphera Girón
The Night My Jackalope and I Fought the Chupacabra –
Rick Pickman
Thumping– Rachel Towns
The Thing Inside – Kristi Petersen-Schoonover
Beware of the Danger – Brenda Knutson
The Mascot – Michael Bailey
... The Easter Jackalope – Jack Horne
Tangle Crowned Devil – David J. West
Miles and Miles Still – Eric S. Grizzle
New Jackalope City – Aaron J. French
Johnny Versus the Creatures – D.T. Griffith
Wayward Gulch – Erik Williams
Cautionary Tales – Abbie Bernstein
The Holy Carrot and the Horned Hare – Matt Kurtz
Declaration – Misty Dahl
The Jackalope and the Jellybean – Fawn
War Dance – Jezzy Wolfe
Same Kind Of Bad As Me – Dean M. Drinkel
Drawn To The Light Of Science – Mike McCarty

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Anthology - DEMONOLOGY

Whilst I finish editing my "CITIES" Antho for Static Movement, see below the draft cover for my soon to be accepting submission antho "DEMONOLOGY", also for Static Movement....hope you like - it's going to be a belter I just know it.

Once open for subs - I'll release more info.