Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Fantasycon 2017 - Peterborough

Happy to announce that I will be attending Fantasycon this year and will be on three panels on the Saturday night (clashing with curry, booze, karaoke and the disco ha ha!). Anyway, if you're there - come along and say hi - I'll probably be flagging :>)

Fantasycon 2017 Info

Darker Battlefields - A Review

Wow - a totally cracking review from Chris Hall at DLS - check it out.

Darker Battlefields Review

15 - Short Film

Quick update on 15 - film's final edit is almost complete and we are hoping to have it in at least two festivals prior to Christmas. I will update in due course but happy days !

Darker Battlefields - Review

Cool - just saw this nice little write-up about DARKER BATTLEFIELDS by James Everington on the THIS IS HORROR website.
Check it out if you have five.

Darker Battlefields Review

New Short Film - Echoes of Mine

Yes - you've heard it hear first, I am soon going to be directing a Laurence Olivier Award winning actor in my new short film - Echoes of Mine. It's a one hander (mainly anyway) and a comedy! Once again it will be produced by Neil O'Neil / Midas Light and we are just confirming shooting dates (but should be in November). I wrote the script during the Cannes Film Festival (not sure why I'm telling you that no doubt useless piece of info but there you are!).
More details once everything's confirmed and then I can reveal the actor's name (he's a good'un!).

Amazon Author Page

As I've got some new books / stories coming out before Christmas, thought it was time to do some tidying of my Amazon Author Page - so I did.
And here it is.
Plenty of great work listed there and not just by me.
Please remember (and thank you if you do) if you purchase leave us a review.
Support indie writers.

Dean M Drinkel Amazon Author Page

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Unsung Horrors Volume 2

I'm also pleased to announce that I will be having two reviews appear in the second volume - yes, French films again - this time by Jean Rollin - more info to come nearer to publication date (with all the necessary links to purchase) but for now - here's the cover:

Gruesome Grotesques Volume 2

I am extremely happy to announce that my new short story "The Mothers Of The Disappeared" will be appearing in Volume 2 of this great anthology series which should be published on October 4th and available through the usual outlets - more info as and when I get it.  Here's the cover though - very impressive.