Saturday, 5 November 2016

Monaco International Film Festival

What a year it has been as Romain and I have worked on our script - well, happy to announce that we've just been nominated for a screenplay award - more news to come - but here's the poster.

The festival is at the end of the month - so will update as the weeks progress but wish us luck!

William Burroughs Anthology

Extremely proud to say that my anthology in honour of Beat Writer William S Burroughs (entitled The Junk Merchants) has just been published by Alex S. Johnson and his Nocturnicorn Press. It is brimming with some great stories, all influenced (naturally) by Mr Burroughs. We also have a cracking introduction written by one of my literary heroes and good friend to William, Graham Masterton.

Check it out if you can (it is available in all formats)


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