Sunday, 27 September 2015

Masks - Knightwatch Press

My second to last anthology of the year - "Masks" was published September 2015 through an imprint of Knightwatch Press. This includes a brilliant cove image by James Powell - sadly missed.

Here's the link:

PS - official launch to be at Fantasycon 2015 - see you in Nottingham

Curse Of The Vampire

Seems a long time ago now but Hersham Horror supremo Peter Mark May spoke to be about contributing a story to his 'cursed' series - who was I to say no?!
So September saw publication of my "Curse of the Vampire" is a very very dark piece but thanks to Peter for letting me join him on this journey.

Here's the link:


August saw the publication of my oft-talked about anthology Demonology - this one picked up by Lycopolis Press...chock full of great stories (I'll provide a greater update in due course) and with a cover image provided by Alchemy Press' Peter was an honour to put this one together.

Here's the amazon UK link:

Titanic - And Death Shall Have No Dominion

After a little while talking about it June saw publication of my anthology - Titanic: And Death Shall Have No Dominion - containing excellent stories by Robert Walker, DT Griffith, Kyle Rader, Sylvia Shults, Nerine Dorman and myself - published by Lycopolis Press.

Here's the link to the UK Amazon page:

Cover image provided by the late great James Powell

Within A Forest Dark

...with the sad demise of Dark Continents Publishing, I was happy when Lycopolis Press picked up my collection of interlinked short stories - "Within A Forest Dark" out for a sequel in 2016!

Here's a link to the UK Amazon page:

Monaco Film Fest

Well - three years in a row!!!!
Yes I won another screenplay award at Monaco in December - this time for my short film script Stella Maris...I've got some brilliant photos and memories - yes, I was a bit hungover when I got the award and gave quite a funny speech (well Abi Titmuss thought it was funny and tweeted about it!)...there was also a cool poster done for my film - when I can I'll upload

What A Year...

So it seems a year since I've been blogging - not good enough I hear you say and you're probably right - there have been books books and books coming out as well as my film stuff...well, where to start....