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Monday, 27 February 2012

Phobophobia / Fangoria

Check out Feb Issue of the amazing Fangoria (with Nic Cage on the cover).

Inside there is a brilliant interview with Cenobites Simon Bamford (Butterball) and Barbie Wilde (Female).  Barbie also wrote a frightening little sexy tale for PHOBOPHOBIA which she kindly mentions in the Fango article (as well as me!!!!).

Nice one Barbie



Nice - check this out - nice little newsletter all about PHOBOPHOBIA!!!!



Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Phobophobia - another great review

Wow - another brilliant little review of Phobophoibia but Paul Woodward - nice!!!!

And a great closing comment:

"...there are stories too where you really want there to be a happy ending and you think its going that way but no…
Zeusophobia (fear of God) contains one of the most alarming descriptions of semen I have ever read described as, metallic monsters seeking consummation with an electronic deity....Dementophobia (fear of insanity) is reminiscent of the Beckett Trilogy in an existential rural landscape with the narrator suffering flashbacks.
In short there is plenty here for everybody to enjoy."

Thanks Paul dx


Ginger Nuts Of Horror - Phobophobia

What a brilliant brilliant review of Phobophobia by Jim at GNOH - we're all very very happy!!!!

And this is what he said about my own story:

Z is for Zeusophobia : Dean M. Drinkel 

I've always said you can judge an anthology by the contribution of the editor.  After all, his story kind of sets the benchmark.  And truthfully, Dean's story sets the standard perfectly.  A mysterious figure is travelling the globe, granting dying wishes to those desperate for his help.   This was a gripping enough story, however when the reveal is made as to who or what the mysterious figure is, the story is elevated to even greater heights.   Dean's story was another personal highlight of the collection for me.  

Nice one :>)


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

British Fantasy Society - PHOBOPHOBIA

....nice, found the newsletter for the BFS Open Night in December 2011 which listed the PHOBOPHOBIA launch!!!!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dark Continents

As sales of "Through A Forest Dark" continue in abundance - please check out my guest blog on the Dark Continents site - where I wax lyrical about my muse / French Horror.



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