Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dark Continents Publishing Announcement

As appeared on the DCP Facebook page earlier today:

"For those who check the website now and then, they may notice something different. Dean Drinkel, who has been part if the DCP family for almost a year now has become our first Sales Rep. With his contacts and expertise, he will cover the United Kingdom and Europe. With his help, we're looking to an exciting and rewarding year."

I'm very very excited about this - the UK and Europe has massive potential, myself and the DCP team will be trying our hardest to bring you high quality genre fiction, but also very importantly getting our books into your shops where they belong!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Good Review 2: Phobophobia

and then this appeared also on amazon!!!

"Phobopobia is an enjoyable anthology of new horror stories from Dark Continents, and judiciously selected and edited by horror writer Dean Drinkel. It showcases a diverse range of terrors from twenty six fantastic authors, ranging from the talented but little known to firm fan favourites. The highlights for me are Bibliophobia by Paul Kane (as strong as ever), and Zeusophobia by the editor (and who isn't scared of either books or gods?), but all the stories are well chosen and well told and if I'm not mentioning anyone else its simply that there are almost too many excellent contributions here. A horror highlight of 2012 so far."


Good Review 1: The Empire Of Death

An excellent review appeared on Amazon today for my poetry collection "The Empire of Death".

"A fine collection of dark poems from horror writer Dean Drinkel, they evoke the charnel house and the crematorium and the apocalypse. The influences of Rimbaud and Baudelaire at their darkest, can be discerned, as well as the obessions of Jacobean writers such as John Webster (with their fascination with the connection between sex and the grave, the body as worm seed). He reaches too well into the dark places of the inside, and as such these are not for the faint hearted, nor those seeking reassurance about this world or the next."  - J Miles

Nice one!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Empire Of Death

...soon to become a topic for discussion on the "Booze and Books" Group Facebook page is my dark poetry collection "The Empire Of Death" - very French, very very dark.  Check it out!!!!!!
PS At the moment - only on Kindle but later in the year......LOL  dxxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Through A Forest Dark

...has had some brilliant honest reviews on amazon US - check them out.

and if you haven't tried the book out yourself yet - then why not?!!!!