Monday, 2 April 2012

Through A Forest Dark

Great start to the week - brilliant review of my short story collection appeared on amazon today.
Check it out.

"An intense journey from Paris to the gates of hell inspired by The Divine Comedy, Through a Forest Dark by Dean Drinkel is a superior collection of horror tales, three stories of guilt and punishment and retribution - appropriate themes given the source poem (though also appropriately, redemption is not subject to requirement).

This is not a Paranormal Romance by any means - it would probably give a Twilight fan (cute vampiric) kittens with its heady mix of fantasy and realism. The sex and violence are graphic, but they are fully a part of the dark twisted landscape that Dean Drinkel describes and, though harrowing, are right for the book. Horror is meant to be disturbing, not reassuring - this isn't Barbara Cartland (disturbing though she indeed is).

This is a very modern, fast paced collection - the stories are definitely page turners - but there's also the feel of a portmanteau horror movie about the book, I can imagine a young Donald Sutherland as the hero of the second story, and maybe a young Joan Collins in the third, and that's a testament both to the visual power of the stories and the vividness of some of the characters.

An excellent, compelling stuff, and highly recommended book from Dean Drinkel and Dark Continents Publishing."

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